Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's nothing personal

Today was a pretty boring day. Carter and I hung out all day. He was pretty fussy at times, but we did have a lovely nap together in the afternoon. When Mike came home we headed to Walmart (the place where money goes to die) and spent far too much money. Got pampers, jars of food, Vogue, nail polish, a photo album, formula... We got an expensive bottle of wine and some other odds and ends. I got a big bag of two-bite brownies. They are my favourite things in the world. Screw vegan brownies. If two-bite brownies were a man, we would have an affair.
So because today was so very uneventful, but I did spend a lot of hours browsing Delikatissen, here are some photos of an absolutely fabulous space. I love love love it.

I love the floors. I love the pops of pink. I love the clothes rack in the bedroom, I love the chairs in the kitchen. It's just faboosh. Yeah, I said faboosh.
I have to go, though. Carter is squealing and Mike must be taking a poop. He poops all the time, that guy.

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