Thursday, July 8, 2010


Let me tell you what life was like yesterday.
Yesterday I didn't get Carter to have a nap at all, until late afternoon. This is after a night of practically no sleep. People who say "oh my baby slept through the night at 5 weeks!" and so on, you can kiss my ass, I don't want to hear it. Anyway. Carter is the kind of boy who would rather watch you do dishes than sit and play with a toy or watch some baby show on TV. This, yesterday, resulted in one-handed coffee making, not eating my cereal until noon, and wild screaming every time I put him down to go to the washroom or something. Carter is rather demanding about what he likes to do. He likes to be with you. All the time. And how am I going to resist that? I am of the firm opinion that it is impossible to spoil a child with love.
This morning I was ready for the same mind numbing routine, when I remembered that we have a Snugli in the dungeon! (more about the dungeon another time, perhaps). I remembered a while ago trying to put him in the Snugli and chaos ensued. His leg got all twisted and he was sitting on it and the other leg went through the right hole and he was just not impressed. So in the dungeon I threw it, and began to accept my fate - carrying Carter around, at his whim, until he learns how to walk. Months from now. :| So the Snugli worked! He's in it right now watching my write this entry! This is such a raving success, I think I am going to send the good people of Snugli a strongly worded thank you letter from me, and all the other moms like me.
Shut up. I just woke up.

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