Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweat baby Sweat!

* WARNING: If you are easily offended don't bother reading this post. You've been warned.*

As promised, I am now going to unleash a floodgate of opinions that are meant to make you think I'm soulless and also make you feel like an idiot.
I was reading a blog post not long ago that's main message was "sweatshops are bad, don't shop at wal-mart" (I know, so 2002, right?) I thought we were over this after the whole Kathy Lee Gifford debacle, when everyone decided that they hated her but continued to shop at other retailers that employ the dirt poor in third world countries and what not. Phony superiority. Hypocrisy to the enth degree. You know you're all consumer whores, stop acting like you're not.
SO. That was her point. And of course I went ahead and pointed out the following:

  • Nobody is forcing anybody to work in a sweatshop.
  • The wages they are paid are very competitive! Don't blame Nike, blame that country's government.
  • It beats prostituting themselves, which is what an astonishingly high percentage of women in these countries are reduced to.
  • Most important point of all: You have no idea what you're talking about. You're privileged and obviously you are the mayor of fantasyland if you think everyone is entitled to your privileged lifestyle. Some people will just never get there. Get over it. Choose another crusade that will convince everyone of your charitable soul.
  • This is employment that would otherwise not be available to these women and children. You say these children shouldn't be able to get these jobs but you can just read my previous point and suck on that!
  • They need this work, they have this work, and if we stop supporting these corporations they won't have jobs at all. How is that better?
Yes, the world is a terrible place and it would be nice if everyone had a bunch of money and they could compete for higher wages and get a good education and all that, but give your head a shake. That's not reality. We do not live in that world. Unfortunately.

And you know what else kind of pisses me off? The fact that everyone wants to suck Bono's dick for his work with AIDS. If he was all he was cracked up to be he wouldn't be taking money from everyone else when he's rolling in the shit. He may be doing some good, but there are unsung heroes and we are not honouring them when we treat Bono like Mother Theresa. Oh and do you know how much publicity he's gotten since being crowned the King of Generosity? How much money he's got? I think he should dig into those bottomless pockets of his and leave it at that. It just bothers me that he uses charity to further his public image and his career, without ever having to make a significant contribution on his own.

Now, just to cool everyone off a bit and ward off the hate, here is a picture of a really cute puppy:

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