Friday, August 27, 2010


Mike, of course, spoiled me for my birthday.  He got me more special tea with the silk sachets that I love, love, love.  "Glamour Tea".  He got me the lululemon pants I have been wanting for months.  He got me an iHome player thingy for the ipod, he got me the most bee-yoo-tee-ful bouquet of flowers.  He got meeeeee a tea mug with a diffuser ("whole new world of tea", he says).  And we went out for dinner to top it all off.
Mom and I went to One Duke, and we brought the baby.  He was fantastic, we had a great time.  We also went thrift shopping but the only one who ended up getting anything was Mowgli.  I bought him some books and toys.
What a day.  I feel so loved.  And really, all I need for my birthday I got.  I need nothing more.  But, it's still going to be fun to go out for martinis tonight with Jamie.  She's special because we've been friends now for 22 years.  Long time.  So we should have a good time drinking girly drinks!  The cherry on top of it all.

In other news...
My little boy is teething up a storm.  He isn't sleeping well, he's very fussy.  We've been having a hard time.  But I remembered a gift I got for the baby before he was born.  I don't know what these things are called, but here they are:

I just stuck a chunk of banana in the little sack, shut it and froze it.  He's been loving it.  He's been quietly chomping on it for a while now and it is messy as hell.  He's making the most disgusting mess but fuck it, he's being quiet.
A mother invented this thing.  I just know it.

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