Monday, August 2, 2010

me time

I've been really trying to get some time to myself lately.  And Mike has been great about it!  He's been letting me sleep in and he doesn't mind when I read or sit in front of my laptop.  He's wonderful.  The baby hasn't been quite so understanding.  But I try anyway.
Yesterday, in an effort to enjoy some me time, Mike and Carter went to Mike's mom's for dinner and a visit.  I would have gone, but I am desperate for some solitude.  Everyone said I would miss being bored by myself.  But I didn't listen.  Silly me.
So they were gone.  I felt great.  I sat on Tumblr for about an hour.  I watched So You Think You Can Dance, I read a little bit of vogue.  And I got hungry.  So I made macaroni and cheese.  And ate that.  And then I ate one of those delicious German chocolate bars they sell at Lococo's.  Then I remembered the creme brulee in the fridge.  And so I went to make that.
I don't have a torch, so I used to oven to burn the sugar on the top.  It was taking forever and I kept opening the oven to check it out.  God knows where our oven mits went.  I think they were grungey and I may have just thrown them out without first replacing them.  Stupid.
Anyway, taking the beautiful creme brulee out of the oven I burnt the shit out of my finger.  The smoke alarm went off!  Like Jesus!  A layer of skin had curled up and turned the colour of burnt porkchops... There would be no blistering.  We had gone past blistering.  It fucking hurt.

But I ate the creme brulee and it was worth the burn.  It was.
But I am not going near that oven without oven mits ever again.

I spent the rest of my alone time dressing my wound and feeling sorry for myself.

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