Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a screamer, just like mommy (get you mind out of the gutter)

Carter's got this new thing.  And I am always excited when Carter gets a new thing.  But this time I'm a little less thrilled, because his new thing is
It's awful.  We'll just be sitting on the couch and then, out of nowhere, he will just scream. And scream.  And scream and scream and I have to miss, like, 10 minutes of an awesome movie that I'm watching.  He's not crying, mind you.  He's just opening his mouth and screaming.  Because he likes the sound of his screams, I guess?
When we put him to bed now, we have to listen to him scream himself to sleep.  Literally.  He will scream until he passes out.
It's awful, but at the same time I have never seen anything so adorable.  My little boy just sitting there screaming until he's blue.  It's cute.
The thing that's cutest about it is that he gets that from me.
He has to!  Mike is the calmest man ever.  I have never heard him scream.  Seriously, never.  But I come from a long line of big mouths.  And I spent my entire childhood screeching and screaming.  I must have been the most annoying little demon troll people had ever seen.
And my dad?  The sound of his speaking voice rivals the volume of most men's yells.  This is one of his more endearing qualities.  It can be pretty cute.  Except for when he's drunk, because then he's usually insulting you loud enough for the neighbours down the street to hear, unbeknownst to him.
And now there's wee Carter.  Who, as I am typing this, is in his crib screaming.  Not crying.  Just screaming.  You can actually hear that he is beginning to lose his voice a tiny bit.  But he doesn't mind.  He couldn't be happier than to just scream.  All day long.
This is my life at the moment.  It has been for a few days.  The phase hasn't passed yet.  And if he is anything like his mother, then it isn't a phase at all.  He may spend the rest of his life screaming contentedly.

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