Friday, October 1, 2010

to the haters:

Look.  This is my blog and this is where I write whatever I want to write and you guys read it.  And most of you like it!  I'm happy that I inspire others and make them laugh and I am honoured that people read it every day.

That being said, if you see something on my blog that you don't like you can always e-mail me with your issue, and we can deal with it like adults.  I further want to add I never drop first and last names in my blog for privacy reasons - so that no one can get offended if I write about them.

Now, some of my readers are friends with this evil, disgusting waste of life that I am unfortunately related to.  She's a nutcase and she posts a million comments in my blog pretending to be other people.  She's a crazy psychopath war machine and that's why I don't communicate with her.  She makes me sick, and she makes a lot of other people sick too, but they don't tell her that because they are terrified of her.  But I am not.  I know her type and I learned how to deal with them when I was 16.  If you are silly enough to be in this specific person's life - that's your problem.  Keep your dog on a leash and stay the fuck off my blog if you don't like what it says.  I don't value the opinion of this moronic child but if YOU do, then you listen to her all you want.

This blog isn't here to start family feuds.  It isn't here for you to all get together and gossip about me.  It's here for me and the readers who love to read it.  So if you have come here with ill-intentions and rude shit to say, you can go and fuck yourself because you're never going to ruin my day.  No matter how hard you try.

PS I know who you are and I would block you from this blog if I wanted to but all your hatred has done is bring in more readers.  So Thank you for that.  And get lost.

To my valued readers: I love you and I hope you keep reading my blog.  You guys have inspired me and you have been good to me and I intend on returning the favour.  I HAVE READERS IN MALAYSIA WHAT WHAT!  Yeah.  I'm popular.

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