Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend & wasson

I haven't had much to say the last few days.
But I will say that I am so sad that the weekend is over - and I never even figured out how I am going to make the little brats I work with at the after-school program listen to me and behave themselves.  I need to take the power back from those kids.  I wish I got to the bottom of that before having to go back this afternoon...
We got kicked out of the Hermitage the night before Halloween, which was sucky, now I don't know if Mike will ever want to go back with me again!!  I wanted to go so badly!!  Still do!!
Mike's sister spent Saturday night with us.  It was fun, I really like her.  
Annnnnd on Sunday Jamie and I took our kids out on the little red wagon for trick-or-treating.  Carter slept through almost the entire walk.  I did get lots of candy, which Mike is unfairly picking at and taking to work with him, I noticed this morning.
Oh - and Carter is STILL sleeping.  This is insanity.
Now, here is Erin Wasson in Italian Elle.

she's just the coolest
and thanks for the images, Blonde Salad

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