Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a small post about that sweet treasure of mine...

Babies certainly do have a way of complicating the simplest things.

Putting my baby down for a nap is as hard - and as time consuming - as doing the New York Times crossword puzzle.  On a Sunday.

Luckily for me, I got prepared for work early today.  Made C's bottles, packed his diaper bag, cut some cucumbers up for snack at work today, and put aside his hat, coat and mittens for the bus ride.  I have to take C to work with me today, where his grandpa will meet me to pick him up, hopefully before I'm supposed to start working.
So about an hour ago Carter started acting cranky and silly.  Awesome.  So I try to snuggle him on the couch.  Nope.  Try to feed him a nice hot bottle.  Nope.  Try to rock him to sleep.  Nope.  And finally I just give him what he wants - I lay in bed with him in the dark and snuggle.  This almost always puts me to sleep as well, so I try to avoid it.
half an hour later he finally falls asleep.
We have a humidifier in the room because he has a cold.  Water bubble rise to the top sometimes.  You know how these things work.  So up come the bubbles.  And then he starts wailing.  Again.
At the end of my rope, I decide to be brutal with him because we have to leave very soon!!  So I put him in his crib and shut the door.  And I stand outside the door while he bawls for about 2 minutes, and then silence.
I worry for a second that maybe... I don't know.  I worried because he was finally quiet and it happened very abruptly.  So I check on him.  I open the door a little, and it creaks.  And he starts again.

I close the door again, he eventually falls back asleep, but I have to wake him up after only 15 minutes because I have to take him to work with me, on the bus, where he will be picked up at the school I work in by Mike's father, perhaps before I have to start work, perhaps not.

Babies.  Who knew!

I will be posting some photos later, because I'm just overloaded with them and it's been a while.  I'll probably just throw them onto the tail end of this post.  Tah tah!

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