Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let Me Just.

Dear Gaga,
           All of your looks fascinate me.  But this new one is... scary.  Petrifying, in fact.  I do not like it and I hope you move on fast.  And the blank stare behind the creepy veil?  Unsettling.  I still love you.  But please.  Please stop this.  *shudder*

And while I'm mentioning Gaga there's another person I have an issue with...
Dear Alexander McQueen,
           Every time I see these shoes I want to cry.  And sometimes I even get diarrhea.  Why did you do this?  Knock it off!!!

Katy Perry,
        When was the last time you wore something that wasn't made of plastic?  Seriously?

PS. I don't like you.

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