Thursday, February 24, 2011

full circle moments

I'm driving myself mad.
I worry about everything lately.  And when I start to enjoy myself and stop freaking out, when I realize I'm not stressing out over something stupid, I have to get right back to making myself crazy.
Why bother wasting my time hating this Toronto Maple Leafs blanket that covers this ugly couch with the giant rips in the cushions?
Why do I have to stress myself out over grocery shopping?  Groceries are expensive.  Everything in life comes with a price tag.  I'll just stop eating.  I'll save money and lose weight - everybody wins!!!
I'm just kidding, calm down.
That reminds me: I have also been concerning myself with other people's perceptions of me.  Sometimes I think I'm being adorable but then some asshole will make it clear that he thinks I'm an idiot and instead of putting things in perspective (old men who drink in bars all day long, every day, have no right to judge me in any way because they obviously have some problems of their own) I just let everybody get to me.  I've always had a problem with this.  And lately, I've resolved myself to just never speak to these people ever again.  It's working out just fine.  Actually, it's wonderful.  People are so awful.
Why must I worry about my 'wine budget' now that we are buying a house?  Everybody knows a drunk will find a way to support their habit.
I'm totally kidding.  I'm not a drunk.  I'm a wine-o and I don't get out much.  I drink wine for the antioxidants.

Please don't ever take anything I ever say seriously, okay?  Okay.

Anyway, I'll shut up about that.  When I'm jibba-jabbering about nothing on the internet it makes my mind quiet down temporarily.
I used to hate John Malkovich but I'm watching Of Mice and Men right now, and for once he's actually acting.  This is wonderful.  Way to go, John.
This movie is almost 20 years old.  What the fuck have you done of merit lately, John?
Gary Sinese.  Now he's an actor.  He's also in Of Mice and Men, if you haven't seen it.  Why the hell is Gary stuck in a ridiculously crappy CSI spinoff while John fucking Malkovich enjoys the fame and recognition that he doesn't even deserve, which rightfully should be Gary Sinese's?
These are just the thoughts that go through my head when I watch terrible films and get to contemplating all of the injustices of the world.
And then I start stressing myself out again.  Everything comes full circle!

This movie kind of sucks.  The book was much better.  Steinbeck rocks my world.

I just overshared again, didn't I?

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