Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Night Sean Kingston Wouldn't Let Me Sleep.

I have this really weird thing that I do.  Like musical Tourette's.  Only with really annoying songs.  And so for the last few days I have been randomly blurting out Somebody Call 911!  (To the tune of the Sean Kingston song, of course)

That awful song.
So I be in the kitchen, you know how I roll.  I be doing the dishes or something.  Then I'll just be like SOMEBODY CALL 911!  And then continue with the dishes.  It makes Mike and Carter laugh and it always makes me feel awesome.  I have also done this with other songs, such as: Sweet Caroline, Shake That Laughy Taffy, Tear in my Beer, and The Bed Intruder song (Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife).  It's funny, it is.  Maybe it doesn't sound like it here, but trust me.  It's funny.  Anyways.

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep.  Again.
The Sean Kingston song is stuck in my head.
I almost get to sleep, and then it's like the black man in my head just shouts SOMEBODY CALL 911!!  And it fucking pisses me off.  Of course it's my own fault.  Whenever I do anything that amuses myself it's like my brain won't let it go.  Believing that I'm funny sometimes is what gets me through most days. SOMEBODY CALL 911!  *grooooooooan*
And as everyone knows: Me, Mike and Carter all share a tiny little bedroom (but we bought a house so this semi-creepy arrangement will be coming to an end shortly).
Carter - whenever he has a couple of boogers up his nose - makes a flat C tone whenever he exhales in his sleep.
Somebody call 911!
*baby nose whistle*
*baby nose whistle*

Oh the humanity of it all.
And then of course I start thinking about the fact that I have to blog about this fucking Sean Kingston song, and then I'm even more awake, trying to work out the format of my humourous post about really annoying dance (dance?)  Top 40 songs.
Eventually my brain quiets down a little bit.  But then as soon as it does the baby with the musical boogers wakes up screaming for no reason whatsoever.
And then I get up and eat a banana.  And then I try to go back to bed but I have to brush my teeth because it's just such an awful taste to go to sleep with.  So I go do that.  And I go pee while I'm at it.
I fall asleep about 4 hours after I first try.

And I forgot to mention, Mike snored the entire time.

And sometimes I turn songs into literal plays on words:

I don't know. That's just the way I am.

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