Monday, March 7, 2011

Simple Men

Mike is a pretty simple guy.  He doesn't require a whole lot of attention, he has no need for expensive things, and he watches way more television than he ought to.  And when it comes to meals, Mike likes to keep things especially simple.  So sometimes I get frustrated when I make something really fancy and time-consuming and he says something like "shake'n bake would've been fine".  It pisses me off, actually.  But my inner Julia Child only likes to come out to play every once in a while.  I go through phases all the time, because I insist on discovering new and exciting things about myself every day.  So that phase is over and done with.  Now I just eat rice pudding.  Or donuts.  Or Baba Ghanouj.  Or nothing at all because I'm too lazy to be bothered with anything.
So it's times like these when I appreciate Mike's simplicity most; because while other men would come home and expect to find me in a french maid outfit and basting the golden turkey, Mike doesn't bat an eyelash when he comes home and I'm in my pajamas and there's no food to be found.  He doesn't complain - even though just the other day I made something complicated and scrumptious.
So I have entered a new phase: the bare-minimum-but-still-enough-to-make-him-happy phase.  Weiners and beans with toast.  Kraft dinner and ketchup.  And tonight: sloppy joes.  Mike got as excited as any 7 year old would.
So pour me a glass of the boxed wine and enjoy this phase, because very soon I will be entering the Indian food phase.  And Mike will not like that.  Not at all, I suspect.

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