Saturday, May 26, 2012

Has It Been So Long?!

I shame myself.

It has been SO LONG since I have written ANYTHING that I am filled with anxiety just typing this.

But I owe you an explanation.

Motherhood has been stressful.  I don't know if I'm handling it well.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm a great mother, but it wears on me.  It leaves little time to do much for myself.  But as any parent (or non-parent, as it were) will tell you, everyone needs me time.  So I have decided to revive This Young Mum and continue to share my adventures with the internet world!  I used to have regular readers in Africa.  I wonder what those 2 are up to these days...

Anyway.  Yeah.  Stressful.  It's not like I haven't thought about you.  I do it all the time.  I always want to write.  But I am so busy with play dates and watching Toy Story (1, 2 and 3, respectively) all day, every day, that I haven't been able to devote the time to you that you deserve.  Between all the runny noses and shitty diapers, it's a wonder I still manage to look as fantastic as I think I do every day, lt alone sit here in the cafe by myself and write this.  Yes, I am at a cafe (it has a bar in it, yeah, shut up) and yes, I am alone.  Snoff all you will. 


So it's a little later on now and I am waiting for my indian meal at the restaurant downstairs from the baltimore house (where I was)
Now I can't focus on anything besides eating, so I have to go.  But I will be back.  I missed being "a blogger" and thus, you will hear from me again soon.  I missed you everyone.  I will enjoy my me-time once more. 

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