Sunday, June 3, 2012

mumbo jumbo

Who's the littlest little booboos?  You're the booboos!  You da booboos!  Whatcha doodins, booboos?  I wuv my wittle booboos, yes I do!  Yes I do!  Yes I do, yes I do!

I am disgusted with myself.
Years before having children, I never would have thought that I would be such an awful offender in all things baby talk.  Actually, a lot has happened to me since having children that I really can't believe, but the baby talk is at the top of the list.

And I sound just like that blurb in italics.  Say it in your stupidest baby talk voice, and times it by like, a jillion, and that's how pitiful and disgusting I sound when I do this, all.  day.  long. 

And I can't believe I'm still doing this!  My 2 year old barely says a word and I'm all like, what's going on, why doesn't he talk?  wha wha wha

Well.  I wonder what happened.  Maybe he isn't talking yet because I am setting such a terrible example of communication for him all the time.  Why hasn't this occurred to me before?!  I shame myself.  Also, I really want a cinnamon bun and Mike came home without cinnamon buns.  He should know better.  And I also told him to bring home nail polish remover.  Another fail.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyways, I keep catching myself resorting to this baby talk and I stop myself.  I am going to talk to my kids like they are people, and not baby unicorns made out of cotton candy, from now on.  I've made up my mind.  This ends here. 

Matt Logelin talks to his daughter like she is a grown up.  I think he even says fuck around her constantly, and his kid is, like, the coolest kid in the world.  You should read his blog.  I'm a big fan, except I hate the way he writes. 

he writes

his blogs in

this kind of way

and it makes

you scroll

too much, and it's annoying

and I kind of want to

kill him for that,

but his blog is awesome.

He will probably read this someday and think I'm an asshole for that.  Oh well.

So we had a very boring day today.  When I don't do something special with the kids, it feels like I failed the day.  I know Mike doesn't feel this way at all.  But I like to do fun things with the kids, and make beautiful memories for them whenever possible.  so today was a failure day.  But tomorrow will be better.  Today would have been pretty good if Mike brought home the cinnamon buns... but he let me down on that one. 

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