Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 2 of the Vegan Diet

Actually, day one wasn't really a whole day considering I started the day with cereal and milk... But no matter.
For breakfast today I enjoyed a bowl of Muesli and Almond Breeze as a milk substitute (beats the hell out of soy milk and rice milk...), and for lunch I had some pita and hummus, and some grapes. Simple stuff. For dinner Mike barbecued sausages (tofu and pork for himself). I was surprised how tasty the tofu sausage was! It was such a weird consistency and smelled funny, but it ended up tasting pretty damn delicious! So today was just a raving success! I'm proud of myself, actually. I can't make any vegan recipes yet because I just don't have the ingredients that any of the recipes call for. It takes a while to build up the vegan pantry. And I'm in no hurry, just taking this day by day. I still haven't deciding if I'm going all the way or if I am going to eat butter and chocolate anyway, because (fact!) no substitute will do for butter or chocolate. I don't care what other vegans say.
Crazy heat waves this week. Thank God for air conditioning. Anybody too cheap to invest in air conditioning is probably about ready to buy a gun today. It is 76 degrees in the house (AC is set to 65!), and the AC is just pumping and pumping. I am not very energy-savvy. I broke a sweat just vacuuming the house this afternoon. Poor Mike has to build houses in this weather. What a man.

mum jams: Flash Delirium - MGMT

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