Monday, July 5, 2010

mom jeans

I used to love my jeans. I was in a size 4 and I liked 'em really tight and skinny. After I had Carter and got my shape back I went out and got a couple of pairs and I've tried to wear them. I really have. I don't know what it is about a woman's body after she has a baby but something about it does not agree with jeans. I never thought I would say this, but I understand why they make 'Mom Jeans'. Mom jeans hold your post-baby soft pouch in and they don't show your ass crack when you sit down. It would be lovely to be one of those women who can just say screw it and wear their tapered acid wash mom jeans with pride, but alas, I am not one of those women. So I have been on a never-ending hunt for pants that are not sweat pants, but not jeans. And this has resulted in a lot of dresses and yoga pants.
And then I found the Dance Studio II pant from lululemon. I want these ridiculously expensive pants. I have been telling Mike I want to start running in the mornings (although I don't know where I will find the time) just so he might allow me to buy these pants. I will also have to buy running shoes if I am to start attempting this running-in-the-mornings thing.
What genius marketing lululemon has... Whenever you shop there you get your purchase in this reusable bag with their manifesto all over it, and it's all inspiring and touching and empowering. And you think yeah! I wear this shit because I want to be a better person and I want to sweat once a day and do something that scares me every day and blah blah blah but most of us know that however high our expectations while we are in the bubbly, peppy, we-all-have-money-to-burn atmosphere of lululemon, when we get home we are going to put those pants on and sit in front of the television with a bag of dill pickle popcorn and later in the day they will have spit up all over them. And that is the most action they will ever see. But we will keep telling ourselves that someday we will do what that manifesto tells us we should do. Lululemon makes us think that buying their products will make us that ideal person that they describe on their bags. It's complete bullshit but we buy it. I know all of this, but I am dying to buy these pants. I am a total consumer whore, and I am raising another consumer whore who wears Tommy Hilfiger and Mexx onesies every day. At least I'm being honest.

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