Sunday, July 4, 2010

my millionth blog.

I've had plenty of blogs in the past. Blogs about high school boyfriends, my hard-partying early twenties, and ones from childhood that are still floating around somewhere. I'm all over the internet. But I never stay in one place for long.
Until now. I fully intend on sticking it out here, for the long haul, mostly for my son. I love to write; it really allows me to blow off steam and feel good and empty. I wanted to write my son a book, sort of, so he would know about his mother and how things went in his earliest days with me (and his father). But who really wants that writers cramp? Carter will someday read this blog. So it is foremost for his enjoyment in the future, and it is also for all the other young new mums who are struggling on a daily basis to be the best parent they know how to be. The ultimate goal is to be a better parent today than yesterday. Another goal: get this brat to sleep more than three hours at a time!

You will learn about me, about Mike, our lives together and our lives as a family with the newest addition, Carter. Watch us plan our wedding, watch us try a vegan diet, watch us stay up all night dealing with a teether, watch us move, watch me shop away all of our money, watch us unsuccessfully manage money... watch us learn. And maybe you'll learn something, too. If not, we will entertain you at least.

Welcome to This Young Mum. I'm your host, Lindsay O'Quinn - soon to be Lindsay Bowles.

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