Sunday, July 18, 2010

the hunt for beautiful

I'm back in my love affair with my tumblr once again. I neglected it for months. I don't know why. But I am back and I am dedicating it solely to beautiful pictures that inspire me. And beautiful words.
I recently decided that I would begin a hunt for beauty in the every day. In colours, books, a mess. I am on high alert now. I smell my books and crack the spine and it feels amazing. I dig through my huge pile of make up and feel like Marie Antoinette. I eat two bite brownies and try to remember to request them as my last meal if I am ever on death row. Strawberries. Big chunky cocktail rings. Carter's pacifiers, in all colours, all over the kitchen counter.
I used to be like this. When I was feeling my most artistic and painting every day, painting lovely things like little girls in the rain. I would drink wine in the morning with poetry anthologies all over my bed, highlighting the most profound prose.
This is why women shop all the time. They need to turn the joy of mall lighting, the smell of starbucks and the make up displays at Sephora into something tangible. It does not work, though. Because outside of that magical shop with it's magical colours and displays, a shirt is just a shirt, shoes get worn and dirty, jeans don't fit as well after you wash them, you feel like you need to start over again.
This is why I am hunting for beauty. This is why I am hooked on Tumblr once more. I want to keep a collection of beautiful things that will inspire me when I need it. Whenever I find the time to myself to paint again, I have this anthology of loveliness to draw from. I highly recommend finding beauty in ordinary places.
A Moleskine notebook. The smell of cotton scented candles. The feeling of the pages in Vogue magazine. The sound of your own deep breaths. Baby oil on your elbows. A dress hanging on the back of the door. There is beauty in everything, and there is inspiration all over. Every nerve ending in my body is feeling it. When you let it in, it kicks shopping's fucking ass.

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