Monday, July 12, 2010

the parking vigilante

I know I've totally posted enough for one day but I had to get on here about this before I forgot forever and you all were deprived of Earmark's Etsy Shop.
Mike and I have this parking vigilante thing going on. Well, mostly just me. I don't even drive, but when I see someone double parked, or someone steals the parking space that I (or, well, Mike) was obviously hoping to get into, my blood boils. I want to key some cars. The worst time was on Boxing Day last year when we were driving around the mall parking lot for over 45 minutes (no joke!) and some douchebag in a Hummer (figures) is QUITE LITERALLY taking up 2 and a half spaces. Asshole! Mike had to hold me back because I was 'bout to key the bastard.
So anyway, I found Earmark's etsy shop and I think I have to buy some of these to place gingerly under the wipers of the worst offenders...

Oh yeah. Can I borrow somebody's paypal account?

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