Friday, July 9, 2010

Save the date Cards, or "Lindsay has another meltdown"

So! Our wedding plans change more often than my panties. I mean that. BUT we finally decided to be frugal. We are going to have our wedding and reception where we met - which is where mike's best friend and my cousin had their wedding. AND I have figured out that my colour scheme is going to be brown and pink. Sounds reasonable enough...
But it's not!
Today we went out (I know, I was excited too!) to look for some save-the-date cards. We went to more than a few places. All of the super expensive make-them-yourself invitation kits were crappy silvery gold with ribbons garbage that people with no imagination buy. And they're so expensive because - why? - because Bridal magazine has their name on the top? Women can be so stupid.
Anyway, I didn't find any that I liked, let alone any that I liked that suited the colour scheme I've chosen. So I have to get creative here. I will buy some plain card stock, some fuschia and some chocolate brown, and some cheap embellishments from the dollar store or something and give them a personal touch - maybe handwrite them? I don't know yet. But the final decision was that I am going to be as hands-on with this wedding as I can.
And after the event is over and done with, we are heading to Cuba and inviting all of our closest friends to come along and party on the beach with us and stay drunk for 7 days. Bliss.
Anyway, I keep going off on a tangent. The point I'm trying to get at is that after all of this card hunting, and finding nothing, I was absolutely crestfallen. I was in a bitter mood for a couple of hours afterwards, but then I gave the baby a bath and he cheered me up. But I am so bloody sensitive about everything that I let these frigging pieces of paper send me flying off the backswing. There's a figure of speech I haven't heard in too long.
The moral of the story? I really need to get out more.

calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean...

In other news, the difference between a Harvey's veggie burger and a Harvey's angus burger are completely undetectable to me. This is a very good thing. Booya!

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