Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vegan at the trailer..

You know what's irritating me lately? Carter has mastered taking his pacifier out of his mouth but has not yet figured out the crucial second step - putting it back in his mouth. He's right beside me in his swing and every few seconds I am putting it back in there for him. He takes it out and gets frustrated with himself, lather rinse and repeat.
We went to the trailer for the day yesterday. We were celebrating my sweet sweet uncle's 50th birthday. He was given a helmet and velcro shoes. And he liked it, dammit! I think we can all take a lesson from that. It's the thought that counts; even if that thought is that you are mentally challenged.
Didn't get to eat any cake. It was the first day I genuinely struggled with this vegan thing.
Today, Mike may be getting a truck again! His truck literally melted from the inside out for no apparent reason some time ago. He hasn't been complete since. So we are off to see if the car seat fits into the back. Everything depends on the car seat. This is parenthood, I'm told. I love that little bugger so much! If the car seat doesn't fit, Mike will be crestfallen, but we will carry on. Mike will have to be incomplete until the next time a crazy great deal on a truck comes his way. Oh, I'm not helping? Ok, I'll shut up then.
We have a lot going on today and I still haven't showered. Here are some pictures!!! Good day, sirs.

side note: there is nothing, nothing cuter than a sleeping baby. Especially my sleeping baby. I will post some other things later, like inspiring interiors and a post about shopping locally vs. supporting the sweatshop. My opinion may offend you, but I don't care.

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