Saturday, August 14, 2010

true blood.

I have been all over Youtube for days, trying to find a video that accurately captures my feelings about True Blood...  This one comes the closest

I feel obligated to point out that the maker of this video has too much time on his hands.  But I do, however, enjoy his take on Sookie.  She is the absolute worst television character of all time.  She always, always does the exact opposite of whatever anybody ever tells her to do.  And when she says "Where's Bill" (every single episode, at least twice) it sends shivers of irritation all through my body.  Why can't anybody on the show ever keep track of anybody else?  Cell phones?  Twitter?  Facebook?  Nothing?  You would think, since they are being torn apart ever 5 minutes by extremely far-fetched and ever-increasingly fucked up circumstances that Bill and Sookie would get some kind of couples plan with Blackberry or something.  Or fucking GPS.

I loved the first season of True Blood!
But slowly, it started to turn into Lost.  You know how they were on a deserted island but people just kept appearing out of nowhere and stupid shit that didn't need to happen just kept happening?  True Blood has turned into that... Just when you think things can't possibly get any more ridiculous or stupid, they go and get about twice as retarded.
I can't really see the appeal at all anymore.  I really can't.
Stephen Moyer is the biggest over-actor in the whole world.  Anna Paquin has always been pretty annoying in that "pretty girl dressed like a kindergarten student" kind of way.  Not to mention the overly-forced Louisiana accent.
The plot is not even worth commenting on.  None of it makes any sense.  Not that I would expect a vampire show to make much sense at all, but it seems to me like the only thing that gives this show any legs at all is the soft core porn.  Thanks, HBO!
And the next time I hear somebody say "Twilight and True Blood are nothing alike" I might just punch them in the face on the spot.  Because, seriously, Twilight is about a million times better.  And that's not saying much.

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