Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A $250 Mental Breakdown.

Did I ever tell you about the time I got a blackberry?
Well it was last weekend.
And it lasted less than 20 hours.

See, I had lost my cell phone after getting shmammered and running around town like an idiot.  So it goes. The next day, I had to go find a new cell phone.  Mike and I get to the stand in the middle of the mall where you get cell phones and this guy, Tyler, helps us.  I see the lovely Blackberry just sitting there, beckoning me.  The Blackberry is a stylish phone.  More stylish than an iphone, although I'm not sure why I think so.  Plus, I hate touch screens.  What's wrong with buttons, I ask you?  Why are they becoming obsolete?  I will not conform, dammit.  I like buttons.  Like a kid likes to push the buttons in an elevator, I just never got over that phase I suppose.
Now, as I was saying.  Tyler did not have to do much convincing to get me to shell out $250 for this new, pretty, fancy gadget that I need less than anyone I know, considering I stay home all day with a baby and have like, 4 friends in the world.  But whatever!  I got the stinkin' thing.
It was great!  I immediately took the baby's picture and made it my screen image.  I got on facebook and shit.  But then I started wondering what I was going to be charged for... And I got scared.
But I went ahead and started trying to download applications anyway.

Never figured it out.  Spent hours at it.  Hours!  Finally, by ten o'clock that evening I had snapped.
ENOUGH!  I yelled (Maybe not so melodramatic), This fucker has got to go.
I was shaking, the way I do when I get frustrated with something I can't understand.  I almost threw it against the wall, I was so pissed.  Why does everyone else know how to work the stupid blackberry but I can't even manage to set up my e-mail on the thing?!
Now, I feel obligated to point out that my father is the same way when it comes to shit he doesn't understand.  He'll throw a total kinipshin and my mother will come running over to do whatever-it-is for him.  And he can just take it easy and wait for his blood pressure to go down.
I'm not that lucky.  My mother would tell me to piss off.  She only serves my father in this servent-like manner (because honestly, he would be completely lost without her).  Mike had no idea how to make this thing work like it does on commercials so the next day we went back.
Tyler was there again.  It was a little embarrassing to take the blackberry back again, but at least I got lots of money back (which would later be spent on groceries..... sigh)
I settled into getting a phone that I could understand.  Just a basic phone, the only special thing about it is the slide-out keyboard (and that's not even special anymore, is it?)  But we understand each other.  I have inner peace again.  No thanks to you, Blackberry...

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