Friday, September 3, 2010

the fly.

I live in my little basement with my little baby and as you all know - we don't have much to do down here. We watch a lot of movies.  In fact, we are watching Elizabethtown right now (I've seen it so many times) and the best scene just ended.  The scene with Susan Sarandon saying her speech at the memorial of her husband.  I tried to get it off youtube but apparently I'm the only one who loves it that much.  If you haven't seen it, the entire movie is worth watching just for that scene, if you ask me.
Anyway!  I was going somewhere with that.  We have recently been bombarded with flies.  It's been going on for weeks.  I always have the fly swatter at hand.  This week I've killed 8 of the bastards.  I've killed them all!
Except for one.
This little shit licker taunts me.  The fly swatter was on the table and he was perched on it for, like, 5 minutes.  I just stared at him and focused all of the energy in my body on hating him as hard as I could.  But it did no good.  Off he flew.
But it doesn't matter, as soon as you spot a fly it's like they vanish.  You try to track them with your eyes but you can't.  They must disappear, because I can't for the life of me follow this little asshole around with the fly swatter.  I just end up standing in the middle of the livingroom completely still, waiting for my chance to strike.  And then I look at Carter and he's looking at me like I'm crazy.
So I sit down.
Sure enough, whenever the fly swatter is just out of reach, this fly lands right beside me.  Aaaaand by the time I get the swatter he disappears again.
This is probably a boring post, but MY GOD!  It is the cruelest torture being in here with this fly.

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