Friday, September 24, 2010

Umm, untitled.

If you read this regularly, you know that I have a lot to complain about.
Some people are okay, but for the most part I want to poison them all.
So it is important for me to, every once in a while, take stock of all the good things that surround me all the time.
Actually, that's important for everybody, as I tend to ruin everybody else's day if I'm having a bad one.
But here are some things that are just great:

  • Emptying the lint trap in the washing machine when it's really, really linty.
  • The smell of Carter's breath.
  • Getting a new issue of Vogue and sniffing it first thing
  • Scented candles that smell like food: ginger, pumpkin, vanilla...
  • Painting.  Who cares if you suck.
  • A good book that you found at a Goodwill.
  • Being right.  About anything.  Especially when your mother is wrong.
  • Snail mail.
  • A glass of wine.
  • A phone call from a missed friend.
  • The look on Carter's face when his daddy comes home
  • A cup of tea.
  • Hitting a fly with the swatter.
  • Picnics.
  • A cigarette when you're drunk
  • Beirut (the band)
  • lipstick
  • Cuddling
  • baby farts
  • When Mike is silly
  • Home made pancakes
  • Reality TV
  • Chicken nuggets and honey
  • Carter's laugh

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