Saturday, October 9, 2010

counting sheep

I can't sleep.  So I am resorting to blogging.  You may have noticed I have taken some more time off.  Well, I've been avoiding the computer altogether as of late.  Just seems like life was always easier when all we had was a home phone.  Now that anyone can find you anytime, anywhere, and contact you and know all about your life so easily, life is just more complicated.  Sometimes it's just nice to switch off.

The last week has been pretty nice, all in all.  I have been keeping to myself for the most part, and focussing on my new job - the funnest job ever.  Funnest isn't a word, by the way.
I get to play games with kids after school.  Little kids.  Funny little kids.  I love it.

I wish I could sleep.
I wish I had some wine.

Do you ever wonder how many people would actually be in your life if you didn't have facebook?  Would you ever hang out with 99% of the friends you have on facebook?  Not me.  Why the hell do we put ourselves out there like that?  I hate facebook.  But of course I still have it.  Stupid facebook...  if it weren't for facebook I never would have decided that I hate some of the idiots that I know.  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing...

I just wish I could sleep.
I promise I'll be back soon, and I will be witty as ever.

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