Monday, October 4, 2010

The Bloggers

I think it takes a special kind of person to create a place on the internet where anybody can go and learn about their lives, or judge them.
These are who we are, as writers, and we have to own it.
So when confronted with something that I've written, even if it was probably a stupid thing to write to begin with, I have to smile and say "yep, that's how it seemed to me".  And people will form all kinds of opinions and say all kinds of awful things about us but none of that matters.  We have to own it.
Just like any book will be read by different people, and they will all have read it in their own way, and formed their own opinions, this is also how it goes with our blogs.  And if we love to write and if people can relate to us and enjoy reading it, then we can't let the spotlight scare us from doing what we love to do.

Some of the strongest bloggers out there are mothers.  And they get all kinds of hate mail because strangers like to think that they can judge what kind of parent you are by whatever you write.  But anybody who is actually a mother can relate to almost everything that a 'mommyblogger' posts, and that's what makes them so uncompromisingly  popular with moms and readers all over the world, and it is what enables them to literally make a living through their blogs.

So who cares what those hate mailers write?
Well, no matter where it comes from or what it says, when your parenting skills are criticized you will get angry, as a mother.  But it's important to know that no one can get an accurate, full idea of the person you truly are just by reading a few paragraphs in a blog that you update every few days or so.

Anyway, in the spirit of dealing with blog-reader hatred, I have posted some of the most incredible blogs I have ever come across, written by people who just OWN IT and who have risen to internet fame as a result of their resilience and strength.

No Ordinary Rollercoaster
Hyperbole and a Half
Bitchin Aint Easy

To every blogger who tells it like it is, who shares their thoughts and lives with complete strangers (who sometimes turn out to be maniacal idiots), and who stand their ground in the name of what they love to do, I salute you.

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