Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bonjour, Tristesse.

The weird stuff I do when no one is home to see it:

  • Drink a lot of wine while staring into a mirror.
  • Make cookies. 
  • Light candles and sit in the dark.
  • Play French songs and sing along to them, even though I don't speak French.
  • Google everyone I know.
  • Eat Prosciutto with cantaloupe.
  • Dance around singing "Valerie"
  • Get out a poetry anthology, highlight the shit out of it, and invent new poem (Yeats + Plath = Pleats)
  • Feel sorry for myself because I have no one to sit here and be weird with.
  • Fight with Mike over text.
  • Miss my baby
  • Plan parties that will never happen
  • Cut up Vogue magazines
  • Apply lotion
  • See how long I can go without blinking
  • Worry that I am not savouring this time alone as I should be
  • Eat all afore-mentioned cookies.
  • Read.  Get sick of reading.  Drink more.
  • Take a lot of webcam pictures

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