Thursday, December 2, 2010

My New Lipstick


Anyone who knows me is well aware of my lip product addiction.
I love make-up!  And I am always hunting for the perfect lipstick or gloss shade.  I did fine the perfect lipgloss.  It's perfect.  It feels great, tastes good, feels amazing and looks perfect.  On me, at least.  I can't tell you what you should put on your face.  But it you're pale and you have big lips maybe these will also work for you.

There it is.  Shade 106.  It happens to be a favourite all over blogland; I just googled it and I am not the first to blog about this specific one.  So.
Anyway, I always wanted a great nude shade of lipstick.  Without any shimmery-glittery shit.  How hard is it to find a decent matte lipstick?  It's almost impossible.
Yesterday we were off to the mall because I needed a new duffle bag for work.  While we were there I stopped in Sephora (also known as make up heaven) and scrupulously inspected every lipstick.  And I found it.  I found the one I've been looking for my entire adult life.
This is NARS Honolulu Honey lipstick.  It was almost 40 dollars.  If I had known that I probably would have just tried to steal it.  These people are crooks.  At any rate, if it ends up in the dryer I will probably sandwich my head between two anvils and jump in front of a freight train.

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