Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Having Myself a Merry Little Christmas.


Having a baby has made me a little more crafty this Christmas (I know it's still so far away - and that's good because I really haven't gotten any gifts for anyone yet - but celebrating early and long are the only ways to really enjoy the holiday at all).
Mike and I spent a whole lot of money at Michael's getting stuff for me to make festive holiday-type things, and prepare to package the delicious caramel bars I'm making for everyone as gifts.  I really wanted to try watercolours and buy a set of colours, some brushes and a book, but I just didn't have the money.  Sigh.
I'm so excited for Christmas with Carter.  Mike is too.  So excited, in fact, that he already gave C his big Christmas gift already (the laugh and learn stride-to-ride car) because he just couldn't wait.  Now he has to go buy him another one.
Here's what I did.

Pretty awesome.  I know.
And now, here is what I want for Christmas.  You can e-mail me at lindsayoquinn@gmail.com if you need my address.  ;)

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