Thursday, January 27, 2011

all the things that are sucking right now.

  • I lost $100.
  • My brand new Uggs, worn a grand total of 20 minutes, are filthy and stained.  
  • I have to reinforce all of the buttons on my trench coat.  7 buttons.
  • The dry cleaners was closed.
  • There is a stain on my white, wool coat.
  • I had to bath Carter for Mike.
  • I had to make the bottles because Mike fell asleep without making them.
  • I'm out of wine.
  • I have to start a new job tomorrow and hope I don't fuck that up.
  • Carter's teething.  Loudly.
  • I don't know when or if Kiwanis intends to pay me.
  • My booklight burnt out...
  • I'm so fucking pissed off that my Uggs are fucking ruined!!!  AND I LOST A HUNDRED BUCKS!!!
  • My blog lost 2 followers...

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