Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No idea what I want. But here is what I don't want.

I am not one of those women who is content to spend her entire life doing any of the following:

  • completely losing herself in the quest to raise self-absorbed, entitled little shits, destined to have a jillion regrets by the time menopause hits and her kids have completely taken her for granted and plan to stick her in a home
  • serving.
  • faking a polite phone demeanor
  • brown nosing
  • being embarrassed by how unoriginal I am at my high school reunion
  • being too embarrassed to even attend a high school reunion
  • sitting around.
  • never having anything interesting to say, ever.
  • only being concerned about dusty drapes and what the neighbours are doing with their azaleas 
  • drinking martinis at noon
And so on.

One day, I am going to open a small gallery that caters to artists suffering from mental illness... one day.

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