Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My mom came back from the states the other day and handed me over a couple of these warm delights yummies.  I may never make another cake again. It's easy-bake for grown up lazy slobs.  The next time she goes I'm asking her to bring back at least 10.  You literally add some water, squeeze in some chocolate goop and microwave it for 1 minute.  :o

I also just finished watching every single available episode of Skins (UK version) available and I love this series.  It's so not 90210.  (which I do also love, actually...)

And I recently started using white eyeliner on the inside of my lower eyelid only.  It came from a tip from Reese Witherspoon (Thanks, Reese) and it works amazingly.  It really brightens your eyes and wakes them up.  I am now a believer, and I keep a white eyeliner everywhere.

I picked up this book  last week at Chapters.  
You all know how I feel about Leonard's music.  But I am now only a third through his book of poems and I am already totally dreading the end.  I save a poem for a special moment.  When I have a cup of tea beside me, the baby's asleep, and I can soak up his words like a kitty lapping at my milk....

And everybody knows I'm a huge lip product fanatic.  Get some of this.

And I got bangs!!!

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