Saturday, July 24, 2010

i struggle with blog titles. how about "Organiz-a-thon 2010"

So we went to Chapters today. Chapters is even better for me, emotionally, than the mall. I have no problem admitting that spending money is extremely therapeutic for me. This is after seeing psychiatrists and being on meds. We bought a couple of things. I got a few books. And Mike bought me some Harney & Sons tea (so luxurious - tea bags made of SILK!) because he loves me, and because I love tea.
So one of the books I bought is about organizing the home. It employs the feng shui philosophy. A large part of me wants to scoff and be all like, "pfft, right. feng shui. put turkeys by the front door to bring luck. Pffffffffffffffffffft!!!" but I have to admit; When I walk into the kitchen and see an overflowing trash can, my heart does sink. When I wake up next to a teetering pile of crap I never want to get out of bed. There is a reason hotel rooms are so wonderful. No teetering stack of junk on the nightstand.
When I lived in my very own place, all by myself, my bedroom window faced east, and I only had a very sheer curtain. So when the sun rose the light always flooded into my bedroom and I always woke up feeling energized and happy. Now that we live in a feckin basement, and there isn't a single window in the bedroom, I haven't exactly been bright-eyed and bushy tailed, to say the least. Why not give the feng shui book a chance?
Anyway, it has a big section with steps on organizing and purging for each room. The idea is to get rid of a lot of stuff. I'm down with that because a) I do have a tendency to collect useless things just because they're nice to look at and b) we live in a basement at the moment. Some stuff has got to go. Today I stumbled into the dungeon and almost barfed when I saw a shriveled up dead mouse on the floor...
I'm going to start in the kitchen. I'm going to collect all of the useless canned goods that have been there all year, and whatever else we don't need and donate it all to the Welsley centre, I guess. Get rid of the star trek dishes. Reward my hard work by purchasing some nice new dishes. The end goal is to always have a 98% clear counter space. I may start tomorrow. But keep in mind: finding time to do these things isn't easy for me. I'm a very busy mommy for 21-22 hours every day. Mike always gives me a short break but I usually spend that time on the ol' macbook instead of doing anything useful.
So! Starting tomorrow (yes, I suppose I will commit to starting tomorrow) I will take you all on the journey of organizing with me. Because if I have to do it, I'm dragging all of you down with me. I will post photos and tell you how to do it yourselves, in your own homes. But like I said, that'll be tomorrow.
Right now, I am going to flip through FACEHUNTER and drink my awesome tea. Tea from a silk bag does taste better.

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