Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I may stop titling posts all together. I'm not good at it. Some people are. Not I.

Oh, the incredible pain of having to take your little baby in to get a shot.
They go into the doctor's office, happy as a clam, totally unsuspecting. They are so trusting of you that they don't question for a second that you will protect them from anything. They don't even really know what pain is!
And then in a flash, the needle juts into his chubby little thigh and the screaming just slices your heart in half.
And then they get him in the other leg!!!
And the little baby is probably thinking why didn't you get me out of here after the first hurt? Why did there have to be a second hurt? I thought you loved me. Who are you?
I always end up tearing up a little bit.
He always ends up tearing up a lot.
Poor little guy.
But of course, we're home now and he is just dandy. Refusing to go to sleep as usual.

So regarding all of my recent dramas:
I have decided that people are going to do things that disappoint you all the fucking time and there really is no preventing that. Getting angry at them is only going to hurt you. It makes you look like an asshole and it makes you feel, well, angry. And angry isn't a very good feeling. I prefer ambivalence.
I have shut people out of my life for little reasons, and for big reasons. And I will probably always shut people out for the big reasons. But if it's only going to hurt me, then why should I bother?
A heartfelt conversation expressing your needs to someone is always a better way to go. And if they don't care then you are well within your rights to poison their puppy and TP their house.
I would say that I have grown up a little bit. Don't you think? No? Okay, fine. Maybe not. But I am learning.

This morning Mike woke me up and when I woke up I thought I was still dreaming. In my dream, he was taking me to the mall. So when he woke me up this morning, after a few seconds, I was just really disappointed to see that it was 7:30 in the morning and we were just going to the stupid Doctor's office to stick sharp things in our perfect little noodle child.

In other news, it looks like our boy will have 2 testicles, after all! For those who don't know, he had hernia surgery when he was 2 months old and he was at risk of losing his left testicle forever. But, so far so good.
For the rest of the day I believe I will watch everything I have on DVR (umm, 4 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance yes yes yes!!!) and make up for lost time on the computer. I still haven't found my USB cable for my camera, so I still can't put up pictures of my amazing de-cluttering job, not that that's of interest to anybody but myself. And maybe people who read this and wonder what the place I sleep in looks like... Those people should know I drool and snore and scratch Mike with my toenails all the time.

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