Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I don't feel like talking so

It's the What's In Your Bag challenge, because a) I don't have much to say today and b) It's a challenge.  I was asked.  These things go around.
So here you go, you crazy voyeurs.  My bag contents.

Ooookay so in no particular order:
  • Moleskine notebook
  • altoids
  • dove body spray
  • "the queen" mirror compact 
  • Juicy wristlet (contains oil absorbing sheets and medication)
  • my wallet (matt and nat: matches my bag)
  • Tide to go stick
  • tiny SJP NYC perfume
  • Revlon lipstick "pink pout"
  • Camera
  • panty liners (hey, i was asked)
  • Keys
  • Hello Kitty tissues (I don't care for hello kitty but they are just tissues)
  • Clutch photo album full of pictures of Carter
  • Spa pamphlet
So there you have it.  Wordless Wednesday and What's In Your Bag Challenge all in one post.  Adios, amigos!
  • BULLETS!!!

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